Audit Whatever

Perform audits and report results quickly and easily. Although an ISO 9001:2015 and a safety audit checklist are included you can upload you own. You can document evidence by text or by photograph. Several report types are available: the executive summary, the full report, a list of improvement items and an array of photographic evidence. Text reports can be generated in PDF or Rich Text Format for custom reports.

A logo(PNG, JPEG) can be added to PDF text reports.

A particular strength of this auditing tool is the ease of navigation to different sections of the audit. Tap the standard clause and the questions for that clause are selected. When a question is completed it is identified with a check mark. Similarly, when all of the questions for a clause are completed the clause is marked with a check.

A checklist is provided but you can add, delete or edit questions to make your own checklist. The checklist is added to all audits. You can also edit questions for an individual audit.

Store many audits and easily switch between audits.

Read the User Guide for more information.